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Get clear, stay clear and elevate the business you know you were called here to create!

The clearer you are about your desires, the more likely you'll manifest them to life. It's how the universe works! If you're ready to stop the swirl and get serious, you're in the right place!

It IS possible (and safe!) to be Soul-led and strategic at the same time.  If you're tired of running your business ,without the direction and clarity you crave, I'm here to help you find a balance that feels supportive, not strangulating. 


You've been doing all the things in your biz and wondering is this it, is this all?  

 You've been doing course after course only to be left feeling like there are still key pieces missing

You're not sure what action to take next or what to do when you get stuck

You are frequently pivoting and you know your audience is confused about what you do

You struggle to explain what you do and who you're for

You are craving strategy and simplicity to go alongside alchemy and soul

You're already kicking goals and have some direction but there are pieces in your foundations missing - such as having a handle on your numbers and planning strategy

You want to call in soul mate clients but not sure how

You sometimes feel overwhelmed by content creation, unsure of what to say, where to say it and how often to show up

You've had some paying clients but have hit a wall and you are now wondering, what to do next

You're tired of running launch after launch and want to simplify your offers

You want to grow your business but you're not sure how

You often feel bogged down in admin and want to introduce improved systems and automation to free up your time and ensure a consistent, high standard of service

You're feeling called to level up, get serious and start turning or grow a profit




In a complete swirl with zero clarity or direction and trying to figure it all out myself without the right kind of support

On my entrepreneurial journey I've found myself on both sides of the fence at different points. On one side, structure that was strangulating and completely stifled my creativity and then on the other side, zero structure having me all out at sea without an anchor.
Neither felt like home to me.  Neither brought me clarity, direction or inspired action. Instead I found myself going around in circles without a clear path and a way forward.
I found my own way out of that situation. It came in pieces over time. Slowly I found 8 key ways to help me get clear and elevate my business. I kept coming back to them when I'd get lost.
Now my business stands tall in the mindful middle. A place where the soul gets a say over strategy any day but the Law of Inspired Action is also at play!

  • MANAGE YOUR TIME BETTER and stay in alignment with what matters most
  • CALL IN SOULMATE CLIENTS by knowing what to say and where
  • FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR FIGURES and know which levers to pull 
  • REFINE & SIMPLIFY YOUR OFFERS to be known for what you do best
  • EASE THE ENDLESS LAUNCHING and create a sustainable solution
  • CREATE CONTENT WITH FLOW and have a flexible plan for creation
  • LAY A SCALEABLE FOUNDATION allowing for growth into the future

CLARITY: The Container

An 8-week online, group coaching program addressing the 8 Clarity Pillars to help you get clear, stay clear and elevate your soul-led business!

Inside this course, I will teach you how to...

  • CONNECT and stay connected to the vision for your life and business
  • Craft your CALENDAR so you have time for what matters most.
  • Crunch your CALCULATIONS and know which levers to pull to increase your income
  • Call in soulmate CLIENTS by knowing who they are and what to say to them
  • Construct offers that are of great CONTRIBUTION to your soulmate clients
  • Create a CONTINGENCY plan for future growth
  • Stay COMMITed and have it feel good! 

I put my years of experience in educational leadership and planning, marketing and small business into this guided program so you can get clear, stay clear and get the comfortable amount of structure and direction you've been craving!

If your vision is hazy, you don't want to miss this program...


Soul-led businesswomen doing course after course, frequently changing direction, swirling, unsure of what action to take to grow the business that they know they are called here to create. The result being that the people who need them aren't getting the help they desire and the soulpreneur feels funky and flaky and regularly spiralling them into a stop/start cycle.


The clearer the vision we have, the more likely we will manifest what we truly desire. It's how the universe works! It's the Law of Attraction at play.
But here's the thing... We also have to consider the Law of Action which teaches us that when we go first the universe goes further. Making flexible plans around our desires and taking action has us move towards manifesting what we truly want.


Take a sneak peek of what's inside


Pillar 1: CONNECT to vision

Straight up we're going to dive into firstly getting you crystal clear on what you're here to create. Your vision for your life and for your business - because I know that as a soul-led entrepreneur they are one and the same. You will be guided to attach your vision to your values and your gifts and bring forth tools for manifesting and clarity.


Pillar 2: CALENDAR

Now that your vision is clearer, it's time to prioritise your time according to your vision and the action you want to take. Learning to set flexible boundaries around your time means that we don't fall victim to other people's false emergencies but it also ensures that time doesn't pass us by. 



As a soul-led businesswoman you are more likely driven by impact than income... but if you're not actively trying to turn a profit, you have a hobby - not a business. #readthatagain Get a handle on your numbers in this module so you can know in any moment which levers are available to pull to increase your income and also increase your impact.


Pillar 4: CLIENTS

Whether niching is for you or not, this module will help you to refine your messaging to help you call in your soulmate clients. Even without a niche, it makes sense to want to work with more of your desirable clients. If you're ready to niche or already have one, we will drill down to get your message crystal clear, giving you the confidence to call them in.



Your contribution is your impact. Your offers, how you package them and link them to allow for a wonderful client experience will bring you greater levels of joy, fullfilment and abundance. In this module we will look at your offers through each of the Clarity Pillar lenses explored so far... connection to vision, calendar, calculations, clients. I will guide you to refine them, decide on your key offers and plan out an ideal client journey.


Pillar 6: CONTENT

This two-part module will help you decide on your core content topics (the things you will talk about on the internet). You will determine which will be your long-form and short-form pieces of content in light of the other pillars explored so far, then create a flexible plan for content preparation and creation. 



By Module 7, we've spent a lot of time refining. After all, you can't scale what isn't refined. In Pillar 7 you will review the contingency plan for your business by considering what's currently not sustainable or scaleable. Knowing what can be scaled and how will also be explored to help you know which systems or tools you need to grow.


Pillar 8: COMMIT

Slow down to speed up by staying committed to the other 7 pillars in this list and to YOUr Self, YOUr Dreams and YOUr Business - If you don't, no one else will! Develop your own protocols for staying committed at all levels including ways to inspire, ways to reach higher, ways to stay on track, ways to connect with what your soul wants. As a Certified Soul Modes® Mentor, I will guide you to make a flexible, "Mode-proof" plan.

"This program gave me an overall idea of what is needed to move my business forward with simple strategies. I feel less overwhelmed on what I need to focus on to turn the needle up. I’ve gained so much from Sharon’s training and have learnt from other amazing women in similar places in their businesses. "

Jodie Ward
Clarence Valley Counselling
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker + Childhood Trauma Educator

**Clarity Con Alumni - April 2021 + 1:1 Client**

Here's What's Included:

Here's what to expect from this 8-week group coaching program:

  • 8 x weekly training videos hosted in an online learning platform, teaching the 8 Clarity Pillars
  • Supporting worksheets for each learning module
  • 8 x weekly 1-2 hour group coaching calls via Zoom
  • Replays of group coaching calls uploaded to training platform 
  • Private Facebook Group access, support offered for duration of program
  • The benefit of being coached alongside other soul-led businesswomen who are at a similar point on their journey
  • BONUS: Access to DESIRE: Vision 2020+2 Workshop
  • BONUS: Access to Clarity Pillar resource library
  • BONUS: Access to Big Bang Branding


You'll also get access to these bonuses...


Receive access to DESIRE: Vision 2020+2 Workshop. Get clear on the key areas for planning and how to make a flexible and supportive plan. This is the perfect companion to this program!


Receive access to my Clarity Pillar Resource Trello Board including a wide range of tools and templates to support you with all of the things and added to during the program as required.


Receive access to my BIG BANG Branding self-study course. Hosted in a FB group, this course will help you get clear on what branding is and how you can elevate yours to call in your ideal clients.

This course is for you if...

  • You want to cultivate a balance of strategy + alchemy in your soul-led biz
  • You want to feel organised, clear and ready to level up
  • You want to learn and apply key strategies to help you grow your business
  • You want to be sure that you have laid a solid foundation on which to grow
  • You want to work in a small group coaching container to smash out your next steps and receive quality feedback and support
  • You want more strategy, less fluff
  • You want your questions actually answered
  • You want supportive masculine systems that don't stifle your creativity but instead allow your feminine to freely create within them

"I got crystal clear working with Sharon on who I was, what I offer people and the next steps in my business. The shifts I have been able to make in such a short time have blown my mind! I would not have been able to be where I am so quickly without the support, guidance and encouragement of Sharon! I can't wait to work with her again!"

Jessie Elliot
Sociologist, Consultant, Activist, Counsellor
Certified Soul Modes® Mentor

 **1:1 Client**
Since completing this program I now have… A content schedule and flow, making a doable plan to roll out and looking long term - rather than short term.

I now have a structure that will help me FLOW in my biz ... the masculine where I feel held and supported, rather than lost and spiralling around in circles.

Rebecca Ross Sacred Biz -Woolgoolga NSW
Energy Healer, Yogi & Intuitive Mentor

**Clarity Con Alumni - April 2021**

THANK YOU for the amount of time, energy, work, and care you put into this program. I feel you've set me up with a strong foundation and clarity that I'd been missing.

This was, honestly, the BEST value I've ever received in a paid program on running my business. I'll definitely be reaching out again in the future!

Rachel Roberts WYSH - Washington USA
Relationship Mentor

**Clarity Con Alumni - April 2021**

Thank you Sharon for helping me transform the way I approach business marketing and making it more enjoyable.

Thank you for helping me gain clarity over exactly what I do and who I serve. This helped me reach and serve more people and grow my business.

Glow with the Flow Yoga - Clarence Valley NSW
Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Women’s Circle Facilitator  
**1:1  Coaching + Website Client**


Love it or leave it within the first 7 days and receive a full refund.
Decide it's not for you after that?
No problem, receive a pro-rata refund for the remainder of the modules if you pay in full or suspension of your payment plan for the remainder of the program.
All I ask is that you provide me with feedback by completing my exit survey. I value your feedback.


How long will I have access to the program?

The program content is lifetime access.
For the foreseeable future the program content will be hosted in the current learning platform. If it is re-housed sometime in the future, you will be notified and receive access to the content via another platform or file format.

How much time will I need to do the program?

To get the most from this program, it's advisable that you make time for it during the 8-week period. You will need a minimum of 2 x 2-hour time slots each week depending on which pckage you select.
The first 2-hour time slot will be for your private study of the content that will be dripped into the learning portal, including worksheets. The second 2-hour time slot is our group coaching call and for Selenite/Quartz packages additional time is required for 1:1 Coaching Calls

When is the program being held?

The rounds for 2021 have now closed. The program will run again early in 2022. Please register your interest to be notified when the next intake will occur. 

Can I upgrade my package during the program?

It's possible, although it can't be guaranteed. I currently have a waitlist to work with me 1:1 and places available are strictly limited - so I expect that they'll likely be filled quickly. If you're on the fence about which package is right for you, please book a free Discovery Call and we can discuss how I can support you best.

If you decide you want to upgrade during the course, please enquire and I will let you know if it's possible at that time.

What is your refund policy?

Love it or leave it within the first 7 days and receive a full refund.
Decide it's not for you after that?
No problem. Receive a pro-rata refund for the remainder of the modules if you pay in full or suspension of your payment plan for the remainder of the program. All I ask is that you provide me with feedback by completing my exit survey.
I value client feedback.

How do I get access to the program?

On check out you will receive access to the learning platform where video content, worksheets and zoom links will be dropped each week. Login, create a password and keep it safe. You will be able to access the platform via desktop or device using that login.
Inside the learning portal you will also find the link to join the Facebook Group.
Group coaching (and 1:1 sessions for Selenite and Quartz packages) will be delivered via Zoom. A desktop with camera and mic is more preferable for joining these calls rather than a mobile as it makes for a more comfortable client experience. 

"For me the whole focus changed and I am super clear how I can work in this frame now. Crystal clear on what I need to do and what that will give me. Knowing where the holes are in my business is confronting however super important. "

Katya Dantini
Katya Elemental Magic
Elemental Mentor for Women & Reiki Healer with over 20+ years experience

**Clarity Con Alumni - April 2021 + 1:1 Client**



Sharon Joy is a Business Coach and Website Designer, coaching and creating websites for coaches, consultants, healers & spiritual women.

   She has a background in sales and marketing, previously working as the Australian Marketing Manager for a global lifestyle brand.

Prior to that Sharon was a Primary School Deputy Principal before travelling Australia with her family. It was during this complete life flip that Sharon also became a personal development junkie consuming books, podcasts and content on how to be the next level version of herself.  

Her passion for Digital Marketing started as a labor of love as she shared her family’s travel adventures, growing a following of over 10,000 across a number of social media platforms and inspiring hundreds of families to make changes in their lives by sharing their story. Sharon monetised her travel blog, Galways Go Round in several different ways over that time, trying her hand at lots of things from product based sales to affiliate marketing to influencing and to network marketing. This was Sharon’s first taste of exploring what it was like to be an entrepreneur and her own boss and she was hooked!  

She found her love in coaching and creating and launched her business during a COVID pivot when both she and her husband had their full time employment drastically cut.

Teaching, leading and creating is Sharon’s soul purpose and she found her JOY again by realising her long-term dream of having her own coaching & web design business. Her business has grown quickly since her launch in May 2020, helping over 70  businesswomen in the past year.  

Sharon is about to launch her own Digital Agency called Studio of Soul, illuminating the genius of coaches, consultants, healers and spiritual women. She is an official partner of the popular website platform Wix, reaching Icon Level. She is a Certified Soul Modes® Mentor and she admits to being Reels obsessed!

Want to dive into working with me sooner?