Are you ready to call in a clear vision and soul led strategy for the year ahead?

If you're seeking clarity and a soulful vision for your business, I have the STRATEGY + ALCHEMY for you in one bite-sized, hands on workshop.

It IS possible (and safe!) to be soul led and strategic at the same time. 
If you're tired of running your business in a whirlwind, I'm here to help you find a balance that feels supportive, not strangulating. 

When we're flailing around with zero clarity and zero strategy our vision is unlikely to manifest. The Law of Attraction teaches us that our current reality is a result of decisions that we made in the past. This leaves clues for our future. Taking the time to vision our future today means manifestations in progress.

Sprinkle the Law of Inspired Action on top of that and what you have is a potent manifesting mud map!

Purchase the workshop replay to get clear on your vision and align it with soul-inspired action in a few short hours


Running on the hamster wheel of constant launching, big drops in income and fearing structure like it is a big bad beast...

For months I was flying blind in my business. Dropping offers willy nilly in a desperate attempt to raise my income. Only for the next month to roll around leaving me back at square one wondering what I would be offering next and what I would be talking to my audience about. I had started to believe that any form of structure isn't the feminine business way and pretty quickly found myself in what I could only describe as a feminine flood.

No direction, no strategy, no big vision.... Just swirling around and around and really not getting very far at all!

What I realised is that it didn't need to be this way.

I realised it didn't need to be a hustle either (a total myth that I was holding onto!)

I found a way to combine STRATEGY + ALCHEMY allowing me to love ALL OF ME... my feminine and my masculine. Learning to construct the strong and supportive masculine container that safely holds my free-flowing feminine creativity without feeling strangled or constricted.

Since making this discovery and implementing it into my business, the more flow, ease and abundance has been available to me.

And it's available to you too!...

How would you like to....

  • Take time out to work on your business instead of in it 
  • Watch a training that allows you to get hands-on your business. You'll actually get stuff done vs leaving you with something else on the to-do list
  • Pause, reflect and dream big dreams together
  • Be introduced to my 8 clarity pillars to help you get clear, stay clear and turn a profit
  • Know how to take your big business vision and break it down into bite-sized actionables. So simple and supportive it's sure to have you swooning
  • Enter the new financial year with a clear vision and mud map that leads you towards 2022 with clarity and confidence
  • Learn from a Soul Led Business Coach with a training and workbook


A 3-hour hands on workshop recording with me and some other epic souful women... Visioning in the future of your business and bringing a balance of strategy + alchemy to it

In this workshop, I will be your guide to help you...

  • Reflect on the past 3, 6, 12 months to decide what is coming to the the next level and what is staying in the past
  • Understand the 8 Clarity Pillars to get clear and stay clear
  • Distinguish and lean into the 3 key areas for vision casting
  • Craft your business vision for the next year and create a safe and supportive mud map to bring it to life
  • Know what actions to take and when

I know that if this speaks to you then you're going to love this workshop! My methods are easy to follow and provide a scaffold to support you.

"I now have a structure that will help me FLOW in my biz ... the masculine where I feel held and supported, rather than lost and spiralling around in circles. "

Rebecca Ross Sacred Biz
Energy Healer, Yogi & Intuitive Coach

What You'll Get:

Here's what to expect from this workshop:

  • A replay recording of a 3-hour hands on, workshop 
  • 28-Page Workbook to support your integration of my easy-to-apply business vision strategy
  • Pre and post workshop surveys to gauge your clarity

This is for you if...

  • You have spent the last few months swirling with no direction and want to anchor yourself without overloading yourself
  • You have direction but want to take a timely pause to reflect and re-envision the future
  • You want an introduction to the 8 Clarity Pillars to help you get clear and turn a profit
  • You are craving the next level of your business but not sure how or where to start
  • You want to explore how you can have structure without the hustle
  • You want more strategy, less fluff
  • You want to feel clear and ready to level up!

What's The Investment?


Workshop Access

$55 AUD

Workshop only price

"Thank you for helping me gain clarity over exactly what I do and who I serve. This helped me reach and serve more people and grow my business. "

Glow with the Flow
Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Women's Circle Facilitator

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