How would it feel to...


If you're a coach, healer or soulful consultant in the early stages of your business and you're ready to move from cloudy to clear then this is for you.... 

Are you a start-up solopreneur craving support, community and strategic business coaching that gives you the freedom to explore what's in alignment with your soul? 

You're at a point in your business where you're done with figuring things out yourself. You've gotten this far but now you're ready to  go all-in. You're ready to invest and back yourself by working with a Business Coach. You want to feel clear on ALL THE THINGS and take your business to the next level. You're ready to elevate the business you know you were called here to create.



Feeling like a solo navigator out at sea without an anchor or a map

I did ALL the courses and craved the answers to my questions to help me put the pieces together. I wanted solid yet simple, tangible yet flexible, community yet accountability, inspiration yet clarification. There were times when I wondered if these things could even co-exist in a group coaching space.

What I really wanted was a community where I could get clear, get organised, get enlightened and get moving to grow my business and hit my goals!

You're ready to go to the next level, but there are a few problems... 

  • You have burning questions  about the basics of business that you know you need answered 
  • You feel isolated as a solopreneur and don't have the community you need to support your growth 
  • You need affordable and effective and time-efficient coaching
  • You're done with doing course after course hoping it's 'the thing'
  • You're tired of the strategy guessing game

You can safely say 'buh-bye' to all of that

  • BE PART OF AN ALIGNED COMMUNITY of aligned, soul-led entrepreneurs who are here to make an impact as well as an income
  • RECEIVE SUPPORT TO REMOVE MINDSET BLOCKS through strategic coaching + NLP techniques
  • FEEL CONFIDENT IN SETTING GOALS and knowing the steps to achieve them
  • GET CLEAR IN ALL AREAS OF BUSINESS and stay soulfully and energetically aligned.
  • CREATE A SOLID FOUNDATION for your business on which you can scale and grow
  • ACCESS TOOLS AND RESOURCES to make your business systems easeful and streamlined 

Solid Business for
Soul-Led Womxn® 

Finally a membership for soul-led businesswomxn who want to get clear, get organised, get enlightened and get moving on their dream coaching, healing or soulful consulting business with the perfect balance of STRATEGY + ALCHEMY.

Inside this container, I will teach you how you can...

  • GET CLEAR to help you get motivated and take action with an on fire vision.
  • GET ORGANISED with systems, strategies and processes that are soul-aligned.
  • GET SAVVY with techy tools and your numbers.
  • GET ON POINT with your message.
  • GET CLIENTS with offers that your audience is ready to buy.
  • GET CREATIVE with content that has you saying "hooroo" to the social media churn & burn
  • GET SEEN with marketing that puts you in front of the right people
  • GET AUTOMATED to reclaim more of your time and keep you out of the DMs
  • GET CONFIDENT and adopt the mindset you need to keep going and growing YOUR business YOUR way!

I bring my years of marketing, education, coaching and technological experience, creating a successful business with multiple streams of income to this container, so you can get the results that you desire in your business!

Here's why you don't want to miss this chance to...


SOULiD® was first launched in October 2021

It's an intimate, high-touch, hybrid container which is scaffolded to set you up for business success


Those who feel called in to this space are the right people to co-create the ethos and culture that I have envisioned a business membership for so long. 


Take a sneak peek of what's inside



Start the week on the right foot with our SOULiD Start to Monday accountability call to kick off the week alongside and on track with your business besties. Being a Solopreneur can be lonely. Feel connected by plugging into the supportive community.



Live Coaching Calls via Zoom held fortnightly at a consistent time, so you can plan your busy schedule around them and also make the most of your membership. Calls will include a mix of group coaching, hot seating, mindset, business and marketing strategy. Sharon incorporates elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Strategic Coaching into her sessions. 



Each month Sharon Joy will provide a training as well as invite a special guest to also provide a training. Topics will vary according to need but will support the soulpreneur business journey. 



Free the funk and get the down-low on what's happening energetically. Rebecca Ross is our resident Intuitive Energetic Coach, helping you to keep your energy clean, clear and flowing through her monthly guidance and healing session.



Each month and each quarter Sharon will hold a live planning session to help you unpack where you've been and vision into where you're heading. This is an opportunity to create the map and the steps to make it happen, with the support that you need. 



Leverage this thriving and niched community by getting better acquainted with your fellow members. Seek help, inspiration, collaboration and ultimately learn from other members in the community who each have so much to share. 



Your chance to connect with your desires on a big scale and map out the year ahead using Sharon's easy breakdown of the 3 key areas to plan for. Annual planning sessions happen in June and annual brand re-alignment sessions are held in January. 

"SOULiD® has been a place for me to learn and grow in my business. The pillars have given me structure and 100 x better systems.  

I feel much less overwhelmed than I did 6months ago when I started.  

Since joining SOULiD® I have started a podcast, I'm about to launch a new online program and I've redone my whole branding and website.

I love the community and Sharon is so supportive. She has  the ability to see your gifts and where you are going before you can see them yourself! "

Shelley Clarke
SOULiD® Founding Member
Mindful Parenting Educator, Speaker
Host of the Mind, Body, Parenting Podcast

What You'll Get:

Here's what to expect from this Membership

  • Access to an Online Learning Portal with replays of trainings (Value $447)
  • Daily access to Sharon Joy via a private Facebook community (Value $247)
  • Weekly accountability calls (Value $2,180)
  • Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls (Value $1320)
  • Monthly training delivered by Sharon Joy (Value $1056)
  • Monthly training delivered by guest presenter (Value $1056)
  • Monthly Intuitive Energy Coaching Session (Value $1056)
  • Monthly planning sessions (Value $660)
  • Quarterly planning session (Value $352)
  • Quarterly community networking (Value $352)
  • Annual planning sessions (Value $352)


You'll also get access to these bonuses...


12 month access to Calculation Sensation. Sharon's money mindset and strategy, 3-part self-paced course.


Access to Big Bang Branding, Sharon's magnetic branding, mini-course as well as access to her complete Canva template library including over 30+ done-for-you, easy to adapt templates.
VALUE $200


90 min 1:1 Transform Call with Sharon Joy to create your CLEVER plan to help you stay on track and know what's next.
VALUE $333

This is for you if...

  • You have a coaching, healing or soulful consulting business (birthing, parenting, matrescence, family counselling etc) and you're in the early stages of your business - 
  • You're working towards $5K-$10K months and may or may not yet have paying clients
  • You're ready to invest in a business program to help you move on from consuming information to taking action
  • You have a desire to start a coaching, healing or consulting business
  • You're an action taker who is ready to be coachable and receive support and honest feedback to go to the next level
  • You want support to get clear in your vision, develop a strong business mindset and solid strategy
  • You want to cultivate a balance of masculine and feminine energy in your business to help you find your flow 
  • You want to be part of an aligned and supportive community of soul-led business womxn 
  • You want to take responsibility for your own accountability but feel held through the process
  • You want to work with a certified coach who leads with industry best practices without cookie cutters
Sharon Joy is a Joy by name and by nature, with the patience of a saint. Meeting Sharon has been a godsend, she's totally soul-led mixed with fun, whose ability is to clear the way.
 Her energy and the women in our community are caring, helpful and pure gold, hard to find communities of women like this, where it's about being your best self, you actually learn what you need no matter the level you're at and it's not about ego, likes, or collecting people.

She's warm, honest, funny and a really beautiful soul, all about having fun, a better life and business that flows and fits you. And after lots of bum steers, years and thousands spent engaging coaches, that took me away from my true self, passions that didn't work for my business, it's been liberating to now be feeling aligned and to get off that merry go round.

SOULiD® Membership is group coaching at its best. It's also teaching me the best way to create real value for supporting my own membership and clients. 

Leanne Vandeligt - SOULiD® Founding Member
Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Sharon is exactly what she says she is, strategic and soul-led. She engages and creates a nurtured and accountability of business women.

It is apparent that she has an abundance of skillsets, mindset techniques and business experience that she draws on to guide you in getting out of your business what you desire.

Her Coaching Calls are fun, compassionate and reflect her abilities as an experienced teacher.

She has included amazing guest speakers in the program which have added increased value to her membership. Included are also some seriously helpful and easy-to-implement training to reflect back on and use as it becomes significant for your own business.

Sharon is genuinely invested in the people in the group and you feel very supported by her presence. The first 6 months in the membership has been both purposeful and a pleasure to be part of.

Cindy Fenn - SOULiD® Founding Member
Doula, Birth & Pregnancy Support, 
Circle Facilitator
Being in SOULiD® with my wonderful bad-ass business babe's has been transformative in my business, my confidence in my business and my self worth.  

Sharon is so supportive and encouraging and compassionately pushes you to achieve greatness in your soul-led business.

She gives you the knowledge and tools to structure your business right and then allow your feminine essence to flow within becoming the magnet and not the hunter in your business.
I've learned so much about setting up my foundations right in my soul-led business so that I attract more clients in a nurturing and authentic way.
I wouldn't have expanded and stepped into my power as much as I have if it weren't for Sharon and her SOULiD Membership. 

Elodie Joy - SOULiD® Founding Member
Holistic Counsellor, Meditation & Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer

SOULiD® Membership Pricing & Packages

  • 6-month Membership
    6 payments of

    $222 AUD

    per month

    6 x Monthly Instalments

  • Buy Now
  • 1-Year Membership

    $2222 AUD


    SAVE $142 AUD

  • Buy Now


If you're not completely certain that SOULiD® is the right container for you, you can contact Sharon Joy within your first 30days and request a full refund. No questions asked. 

Your SOULiD® Membership questions - answered.

How long will I have access to the Membership?

You will receive access for as long as your membership is valid, be that 6 or 12 months, or longer should you wish to extend in 2022.

What is your cancellation policy?

If this container isn't right for you simply email Sharon Joy within your first 30-days to receive a full refund. 

How do I get access to the Membership?

Access is via an Online Learning Portal where resources and replays are stored, Zoom calls and a private Facebook Group.

Do I need to attend all of the calls?

Absolutely not but your business will benefit from engaging and connecting with the content and the other members

I don't have any clients yet, is it right for me?

It's perfect for you! The sooner you can start laying that solid foundation, the sooner you will be attracting soulmate clients

I earn in excess of $10K months but feel like I've built my business for burn out, can you help?

I made this same mistake and had to double back to create a more sustainable business model. I can definitely help you do the same within this container

When are the calls?

Monday 10am-10:45am
SOULiD® Start to Monday- accountability call

Thursday 10am-12pm
Fortnightly Coaching or Training Call
This is the call I recommend that everyone joins each week if your time is limited

Monthly & Quarterly calls are intermittently scheduled in advance on either
Wednesdays or Friday 10am-11am

All calls are Sydney/Melb/Canb time

I am a First Nations person or personal with social disadvantage, can you help?

I'd love to. I seek to ensure that SOULiD® is a safe space for First Nations folk and people with social disadvantage.
Please get in touch so I can assist with equity pricing or scholarship

I have ADHD and learning difficulty. Will you accommodate for my needs?

As an experienced teacher and someone who is on my own ADHD journey, I warmly welcome clients with neurodiversity. I seek to make trainings as multimodal as possible and ask you on intake how I can assist you best. 

"Sharon has a unique way of supporting you not only on your business journey but also on a personal  Level.

Helping you through your strengths and weaknesses to become a confident well-equipped, soul-led businesswoman with an abundance of tools readily available when needed.

Her level of care and connection is like nothing I have ever been a part of before."

Nicole Perry
Soul Led Rok
Self Care Support for Mums of children with diverse needs

"SOULiD® is amazing.

The balance of coaching and support with accountability and planning is great for marrying the soul and strategy of my business and my business evolution and growth.

Sharon's knowledge is amazing and her care and attention for everyone engaged in the community is second to none. "

Leanne Patten
Nourish Nurture Thrive
Early Childhood, Parenting and Family Mentor


Sharon Joy

 Sharon Joy Galway is a Business + Life Coach and the woman behind Sharon Joy Coaching, helping soul-led coaches, healers and consultants in the early stages of their business move from swirling to solid.  
She is the host of the Joyous Journeys in Life + Business Podcast and holds a Diploma of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Strategic Coaching from the Institute of Applied Psychology.

She uses a perfect blend of strategy and alchemy in her coaching to help clients overcome blocks that hold them back from becoming who they desire to be, tune into their deepest desires and get out of their own way in order to bring their dream business to life.  

She is the founder of Studio of Soul, a boutique web design agency and has a background in educational leadership and marketing, previously working as the Australian Marketing Manager for a global lifestyle brand and Primary School Deputy Principal. She started her first business in 2018 and since then has had a number of entrepreneurial ventures.  

Sharon is also a certified Time Based & EQ Therapist and partner of the popular website platform Wix, reaching Icon Level. She openly admits to not having it all together and truly believes that her life calling is in teaching and coaching.  

Are you ready?